My 5 Most Invaluable Makeup Tips

 By Sarah-Jade Thorne

Here are five of my most invaluable makeup tips to help you do your own makeup and get the gorgeous results that you want. For helpful makeup tutorials, please click here to visit my YouTube channel, Sarah-Jade Thorne.

  • Use a magnifying mirror when applying makeup; it will help you to get a flawless natural application.  Remember, if you can get your makeup to look great close up, it will look perfect and flawless to the naked eye!
  • Place your magnifying mirror horizontally and, keeping your chin parallel to the horizontally positioned mirror, look down onto it when applying mascara. This little trick will help make it easier for you to lift and curl your lashes whilst applying your mascara and you will also be able to easily see and remove any clumps before they set.
  • Always apply mascara on top of your lashes, not just underneath them. This should be done before applying the mascara underneath (as applying on top after you have done underneath will just flatten your lashes that you want to lift) and it will be easier to do this with your mirror in a vertical position looking straight on to it.
  • Apply your makeup in a room where there is a lot of natural day light (like having your mirror in front of a window so that the natural daylight faces onto your face whilst you are applying your makeup).If your makeup looks good in natural day light, it will look good in any light!
  • When choosing a foundation, ask for a sample so you can try it out in natural day light. You will not be able to get a true match with the artificial lighting they have in the shops! Apply a little along your jaw (end just before going onto your neck). If the stripe “disappears” onto your skin, i.e. it is the same colour or almost identical to your skin, then congrats, you have found a perfect match.



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