My Everyday Makeup Brushes

By Sarah-Jade Thorne

A while back I posted an article on the Essential Makeup Brushes to have and I said there that I would also do an article on the makeup brushes I use every day. So, here it is :)

If you are a “makeup geek”, or if you are fairly new to makeup and you would like to build up a complete makeup brush set, you may find this article helpful. Please note that this article is a recommendation for personal, everyday brushes and not for a makeup artist’s brush set, as this list doesn’t include all the brushes needed for a makeup artist’s kit.

Here are the brushes I use in order of most essential:

1. My Mac 217 Brush (x2)

This brush is great because it is so versatile. I have two of them. The one I use for my concealer (especially for under the eyes) and for my light eyeshadow shade I use under my brows to soften the line on the darker eyeshadow shade I put in my crease. I usually use my face powder for this as it is the same colour as my skin so it’s great for blending my eyeshadow colours so that there are no harsh lines.

The other one I use for my darker eyeshadow shades. Because this brush can be used for wet and dry products, I use this brush for my powder eyeshadows as well as my MAC Paintpots (cream eyeshadows).

The two main reasons why this is my favourite brush is because I can do so much with it and secondly it helps me achieve perfect blending which is key for flawless makeup.



2. My MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush

Just like the MAC 217 brush, this brush is also really versatile and can be used for both dry and wet products (i.e. foundation, face powder, powder blusher and cream blusher). It’s also a great blending brush and it great for getting that perfect, seamless foundation look.

I use this brush for my foundation and for my cream blushers when I wear them. Because I use this brush with foundation, I was it after every use.




3. My MAC 150 Large Powder Brush

This is the brush I use for my face powder. It works great for loose or compact powders. I use it with my L’Oréal True Match compact powder and my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural powder. I don’t use a lot of powder. I mainly put on my eyelids, so that my eye makeup doesn’t crease during the day, and where ever I have applied concealer, to help set it.



4. My PMU Large Blush Brush

If I am using a powder blusher or even a powder bronzer, this is the brush I will use.





5. My PMU Medium Dome Brush

This brush I use for lining my eyes with a dark eyeshadow and for filling in my brows with a brow-shadow or eyeshadow. I have put this brush near the end as a cotton bud would also work :)





6. My PMU Mascara Wand

I use this brush for brushing my brows into place before filling them in. For a cheaper option you could also use a mascara wand from one of your old mascaras (just wash it out properly) or a small tooth brush will also do the trick :)




Makeup brushes are pricey (especially the good ones that last long) but it’s a good investment if you want to achieve a flawless and well blended makeup application. If you live in South Africa, you can get MAC brushes from any stand alone MAC stores and at selected Edgars and Truworths stores. Click here to find your nearest MAC store.

For PMU brushes, you can order them online. My first brush set was the PMU brush set and I still use a lot of them in my kit. I purchased my set in 2008 and they are still all in perfect condition! Click here to check out their prices.


To ensure that your brushes last long, please check out my article on How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes and look after them, if you haven’t already :)



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