Get a Fresh No Makeup, Makeup Look with these

5 Simple Makeup Steps

By Sarah-Jade Thorne

no-makeup makeup

Aren’t you amazed at how actresses in movies wake up looking fresh and beautiful but you’re not really sure whether they are wearing makeup or not? In the end you decide they are because it’s a movie after all. Well what you see there is the no makeup, makeup look.

Often no makeup, makeup takes more skill than other makeup looks as it needs to look invisible, flawless and yet beautiful and fresh. It needs to look better than bare but actually look bare. Fortunately there is a way to achieve this look without having to be as good as Cameron Diaz’s makeup artist.

As you try out these 5 simple makeup steps, make sure you are doing your makeup in natural light (for example facing a window) and get yourself a magnifying mirror. These two things are fool-proof, if your makeup looks invisible in natural light and with a magnifying mirror, then it will definitely look invisible to any human being, even they have 20/20 vision!

1.      Even out your complexion with a tinted moisturiser

Use a tinted face cream or mix equal amounts of foundation and your face cream together. Dot this all over your face and then blend in with your fingertips, making sure that your blend down onto your neck, up to your ears and into your hairline (don’t apply the tinted cream to these areas, just blend what you have already applied into these areas). Now check your face in your magnifying mirror, can you see any of the tinted cream on your face or any tell-tale lines? If yes, keep blending! If no, you’re ready to move on to step 2.

2.      Add a natural blush to your cheeks with a cream or mousse blusher

Use a cream/mousse blusher in the natural shade you flush in (i.e. what is the colour of your cheeks after exercising or when you realize in a dream that you are walking around naked). With your fingertips (as you can see this is your number one makeup tool to achieve the no makeup, makeup look, because they warm up the product which therefore makes it easier to blend) dot a little of the blusher on the apple of your cheeks (this is the round chubby part of your cheeks that stand out when you smile). You want to start out with just a little as it is much easier and quicker to add than to remove. Now blend in with a circular motion keeping to this round area of your cheeks, add a little more if the colour gets lost with all the blending. Now grab your magnifying mirror, does it look like you’ve done a little exercise? If so, you can move on to step 3. If it still needs more blending to look natural, keep at it.

3.      Define your eyes with an eyeliner

Take a black waterproof pencil/retractable eyeliner to line your upper lash water line this is the part underneath your lashes that touches your eyeball. This is the uncomfortable, but extremely necessary, part. What this will do is it will make your lashes look fuller and will help define your eyes, but because it will be in your upper water line, it will be invisible to the naked eye, unless someone walks up to, lifts your eyelid to expose your waterline. So to do this, gently lift up your upper eyelid so that your waterline is exposed and then, getting as close to your lashes as possible and as far away from your eyeball as possible) massage the eyeliner in to your lash line. Now pick up your magnifying mirror, close one eye and check to see that you can’t see any of the liner and then do the same with the other eye. If you can see some of the eye pencil, then take a Q-tip and rub away anything you see above your lash line.

4.      Darken your lashes with mascara

Using a brown/black (or if you are dark then black) smudge-proof mascara and apply one thin coat to your top lashes. Then using the tip of the mascara wand, apply a very thin coat to a few of your bottom lashes. Remember you just want to colour your lashes darker so your eyes look more defined, you don’t want to make them look thicker. Another idea, that will save time and will look even more natural, is to have your eyelashes tinted (with black dye) once a month. This way your lashes will look dark and defined but they it won’t look like you’re wearing mascara at all! If you have used mascara, make sure, by using your magnifying mirror, that you haven’t got any mascara on your eyelids or below your eye. If you have, just take a clean, damp Q-tip and remove.

5.      Add moisture and colour to your lips with a tinted lip balm

Lastly, use a tinted lip balm (the same colour as your natural lip colour) and apply to your lips. Keep this lip balm with you throughout the day to keep your lips looking moist and plump.

To check out a list of recommended makeup products you can use to help you achieve this no makeup, makeup look, click here.



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